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derek jeter baseball bat chip coin

hello this is a derek jeter bat chip coin.it is in atop loader and it hasn't been tooken out at all.if you have any messages feel free to message me.

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super hero cards


super hero cards

You will get 20 cards and it is free shipping.

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yugioh cards

Hi today im selling alot of yugioh cards the categories are filipino cards that are rare and then there is around 7 gold platinum cards and the other categories...

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rare baseball cards


rare baseball cards

These are rare baseball cards and there is one card that is still packaged and it is free shipping.

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magic johnson book card


magic johnson book card

It is a 1990 magic Johnson book card and it is free shipping.

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random baseball cards

You will get 10 cards and you will get 2 rares and it is free shipping

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scarmory pokemon card


scarmory pokemon card

It is in excellent condition

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random rare sports cards

This ad is for a random rare sport cards and if you buy this you will get 2 rare extra rare sports cards and it is free shipping.

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herschel walker


1988 herschel walker

This card is a topps and it is a 1988 card

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eddie murray gold plated card

this is a eddie murray gold plated card.It is in a hard case and it is not been opened

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